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Welcome to this network for parents, youth, and professionals concerned with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and orthostatic intolerance.


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Please read our Welcome Letter! You may also wish to read, What is it like to grow up having an invisible illness? Kids and parents give you the inside view. This will introduce you to others families' experiences, how they are coping, and resources you may find helpful.

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  • You can support our work while you do your shopping. Just follow any of our links to Amazon.com and make a purchase, and a percentage of the sales cost will be contributed to the Pediatric Network.
  • We offer resources helpful to families coping with pediatric chronic illness in the store section of our site. However, you don't have to buy these specific items in order to contribute -- any purchase you make through Amazon.com after following our links to their site will help our work. That includes purchases from associated stores like JC Penney, Target, Toys R Us, etc.
  • New Young Adults Forum Section: If you have CFS, FM, OI, or a related condition and are in your 20's or are a college student, please join our new Young Adults forum section. Its purpose is personal sharing about coping, life decisions, and dealing with chronic illness while growing up and becoming independent. If you're interested in joining, write to rebecca@pediatricnetwork.org to tell us about yourself and request the password.
  • Our Youth Chat forum section has been reformatted to be just for teens. There have been new youth posting about their illness experiences lately. Please join them with your stories, questions, and advice. Write to founders@pediatricnetwork.org if you are interested in joining Youth Chat.