Children’s Primary Care

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of children is of utmost importance, and it is essential to have the proper healthcare services in place to meet their needs. Children’s Primary Care is a comprehensive pediatric healthcare service that focuses on preventive care and wellbeing, as well as providing highly qualified and experienced providers to meet the …

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Pediatric News

As a parent, staying up to date with the latest Pediatric News and best practices for pediatric health is essential for ensuring your child’s safety and wellbeing. In this blog post, we will cover the latest in pediatric news, best practices for pediatric healthcare, what every parent should know about children’s health, when to seek …

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Pediatric Cancer

Pediatric Cancer

What is the most common pediatric cancer? Brain cancer surpasses leukemia as deadliest childhood cancer | Gateway for cancer research. Cancer in children is rare. Of children born in the United States, 1 in 285 children will develop cancer before they reach the age of 20. Advances in treatment have increased the survival of many …

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Teens and Vaping:What Parents Need to Know

There’s an epidemic on the horizon and parents can help stop it. According to the 2019 National Youth Tobacco Study, more than 5 million middle and high school students currently use e-cigarettes. An entire generation is at risk of addiction with serious side effects. Learn more about vaping and use this knowledge in conversations with […]

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Moms and dads are busy and pressed for time, and trying to pack a healthy lunch during hectic school day mornings can add to the frustration. But the bento box provides a perfect solution! Bento is a meal concept originating in Japan, consisting of food items held in different containers within a box. A traditional […]

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Healthy Chats™ is an educational forum that offers parent-child education focused on the physical and emotional changes associated with puberty, and age appropriate information regarding birth and conception. Healthy Chats™ was created by Dr. Chrystal de Freitas in 1991 who is a pediatrician with Children’s Primary Care Medical Group’s Carmel Valley office.  Dr. de Freitas […]

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