Contribute to Our Project

Why give?

Your contributions go directly to our outreach and awareness efforts, helping to keep youth, families, support group leaders, and professionals in touch through our network. We provide a way for warm, resourceful volunteers to connect with those who need their help. We discuss this in greater detail in our May 2003 fundraising letter.

Send us $20 for our work just by being an approved applicant for the VISA

How can you support us?

Check: Write a check to The Pediatric Network and mail it to The Pediatric Network c/o Mary Robinson, 507 Park Avenue, Medina, NY 14103-1519.

PayPal: Online donations are safe and convenient with PayPal.
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The Pediatric Network earns $20 for each approved applicant that we refer to the VISA card. If you are an adult and would like to earn coupons by shopping, please consider applying for this card by following a link from our site. If you're approved, we get funds to support our work, at no cost to you.

Store: Purchase products through the direct links in our store, and a percentage of the sales cost will be paid to The Pediatric Network. You may also support us through your other purchases, as long as you start your shopping by following a link from our site to and complete the purchase within one hour.

EzBoard Community Chest: Your contributions to our EzBoard Forum Community Chest have paid for our 2003 forum expenses. Thank you! Your donations to the Community Chest, or credits earned through your purchases from EzBoard partners, do not go directly to The Pediatric Network. They are retained by and can only be used to pay EzBoard for hosting our forum. We will let you know when we need additional contributions for forum expenses. If you have questions about the Community Chest, read this FAQ from

Goals Reached

With your help we have reached these milestones:

Our forum strengthens families and youth coping with these conditions, with over 800 page views each day.

Over 8,000 unique visits to our home page each month provide the public with much needed information and encouragement.

More than 300 articles on our website and 4,000 links to external resources assist parents, educators, medical professionals, and youth in learning about these conditions and improving their education and independence.

We are hosting several live chats in the forum each month, where youth and parents support each other, and experts come to share information and advice.

What will your donation fund?
Your donation will help to cover the costs of the Pediatric Network for CFS, FM, and OI such as our web hosting fee, printing and mailing of brochures, and phone calls for Pediatric Network business. It will allow us to further our outreach and advocacy efforts to reach more students, families, and professionals concerned with CFS, FM, and OI.

The Pediatric Network for CFS, FM, and OI is a project run by two volunteers: Mary Robinson, the mom of two kids who had CFS and POTS, and Rebecca Moore, a young adult who developed CFS and NMH/POTS as a teenager. We have funded this network ourselves in its first year, and continue to volunteer our time, but are ready to ask other concerned individuals to help us with the financial burden of maintaining this service.

Please note that we are not a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, so your donation will not be tax deductible.

How much of your donation will go to the Pediatric Network?

If you mail us a check 100% of your donation will fund Pediatric Network projects.

If you donate online through PayPal $0.30 + 2.9% of the donation will be retained by PayPal as its fee.

If you make a purchase from following links from our site we will receive between 5% and 15% of the sales cost as a payment from (The amount varies according to what you purchase).

If you give to the EzBoard Forum Community Chest none of the funds actually reach The Pediatric Network. The funds are kept by EzBoard, but are set aside to help pay our forum bill. We have already paid our forum expenses for the year 2003, so we do not need Community Chest contributions at this time.

Where can you send donations?

Mail checks made out to The Pediatric Network to The Pediatric Network c/o Mary Robinson, 507 Park Avenue, Medina, NY 14103-1519. Or, donate online through PayPal.

How can you get more information?

Mary Robinson and Rebecca Moore are available to answer your questions about our project and the ways you can contribute. E-mail us at and

You may also monitor our fundraising progress on our thank you page.